Carbon Threaded Hydraulic Bump Stop 2.0"

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These Carbon Shock Technologies bumps are a 2.0 (diameter) 4" travel bump. We can internally limit to 2" if needed for shorter travel.  The bump is threaded for use in a solid can or situations such as the Jeep JK where you want to replace the factory bump. These also fit most standard style 2.0 pinch cans.

We prefer using the threaded method as it does not pinch the can if over tightened but holds the can firm in place! These bumps use a longer can to hold more fluid than a typical bump reducing heat through increased fluid capacity.

The added benefit of a threaded body is the ability to fine-tune and adjust your bump position after cans are welded on.


Bumps are 10.5" Collapse Length and 14.5" extended at 4" Travel 

Cans are 2.5" x 3" long made from .250 wall DOM

All Olympus Signature Series Suspension Components are covered by a 1 year warranty.