Led Headlights - 5"X7" HD5 Headlight

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The Zeus Lighting HD5 headlights are a classic designed High output Street Legal DOT approved headlight system for any application using a 5X7 Headlight housing. These fit xjs yjs mjs and anything that uses a 5x7 with an h4 plug.

The HD5 Headlight feature a darker tinted reflector glass giving it a very controlled reflection angle with an extremely defined cutoff beam. Don’t be that guy blinding everybody with your cheap lights with no control. These lights will not get you pulled over for blinding people.


Light up the night in style with a set of HD5 Headlights from Zeus Lighting.



Lumens Output

Size: 5”X7” Diameter

Depth: 4.5”

Low: 3000

High: 5500