Led Headlights - 5"X7" V2 Headlight

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Zeus Lighting V2 headlights are DOT approved all in one package that combines a long throw High beam with a perfect cutoff so no blinding oncoming drivers and a low beam that is bright, focused and direct.

The V2 Lights also feature a color changing accent. This accent uses a color changing White and Amber diode allowing for a crisp White running light and a deep amber blinker. Hit your blinker and the light instantly shuts off the white DRL and switches to amber!

Now you can run lights that actually do something useful with an amber turn signal and running light all in one clean package.

The Zeus Lighting V2 lights are a great option for off road rigs needing a street legal lighting package without adding extra lights and wirin



Install is easy and plug directly into an H4 connector. 

The DRL and Blinker are very easy to install. Simply splice into your factory blinker wire and connect to the amber wire and then splice into your factory DRL and connect to the white wire and that’s it! The light ground through the actual headlights plug!



Lumens Output

Size: 5' X 7” Retangle

Depth: 3”

Low: 3000 LM

High: 5500 LM