Titan 9" 184W Dual Color Pod Light

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Zeus Lighting 354W Dual Color Titan Light



Zeus Lighting Titan Dual Color Pods are the biggest and brightest pod lights currently available from Zeus Lighting. At 354 Watts these pod lights are made to throw some light. Be using a Bright dual color San’an chip we are able to produce not only a bright crisp white, but a deep vibrant Amber for those night you need to cut through the dust snow or rain.


Thanks to the use of a Pure Copper PCM Board technology, the Titan Pods use both 5w and 3W San’an Led chip. The use of pure copper allows for maximum heat distribution and longevity. P{previously this wattage was not possible due to the amount of heat however by using pure copper Zeus lights are able to dissipate the heat put out and distribute across the housing of the light which acts as a large heat sink.


Titan Pods use a wide spot optic on the 3W chips and a flood reflector on the 5W chips to ensure the light produced is not only thrown at a great distance but provides maximum coverage for the darkest of nights.

Ideal for applications where you need a lot of light!



. LED Power: 384W  

. Lumens: 15000LM ( per light )

. Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC

. Waterproof rate: IP 68

. 68pcs*3w San’an Dual Color LEDs / 30pcs*5W San’an Dual Color LEDs           

. Material: Die cast Aluminum housing

. Beam Pattern:  Spot / Flood