Zeus Lighting 48W Ares Pods with Blue Side Lighting

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Zeus Lighting 48W Ares Pods With Blue Side Lighting


Zeus Lighting Ares Series lighting provide a lot of power in a small package. Ares pods are two lights in one. A forward facing white light combined with a Blue area light make for a complete package for any number of situations.

Thanks to the use of a Pure Copper PCM Board technology, all Ares series lights use 5w Cree led chips for forward facing light and Sa’an colored chips for the Blue area lighting. The use of pure copper allows for maximum heat distribution and longevity.

All Ares pods feature a built in “Alert” mode for the area lighting. Power the light on for a constant on Blue light then turn the light off and back on within 10 seconds for the alert mode pattern strobe to be activated. The light will cycle through a series of built in strobe patterns for maximum visibility in all situations.

45W Ares Led Pods are among the most versatile options for a 3” X 3” Pod Light currently available.

Ares led pod lights use a spot optic to ensure the light produced is thrown at a great distance. Ares pod lights will change the way you drive in the dark and light up the night like never before.

Ideal for applications where a light at a medium distance is required while still maintaining a minimal package whiling using the ability to provide Area and hazard alert lighting.



. LED Power: 48W  

. Lumens: 4500LM

. Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC

. Waterproof rate: IP 68

. 6pcs*5w Cree 3030 LEDs – 6ps*3W Sa’an Blue Led’s             

. Color Temperature: 6000K

. Material: Die cast Aluminum housing

. Beam Pattern:  Spot





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