Zeus Lighting Color Changing RGB Iris Extreme Rock Lights

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Zeus Lighting Color Changing RGB IRIS Extreme Rock Lights



Zeus Lighting Color Changing RGB IRIS Extreme Rock Lights are a great option to give your vehicle that customized finishing touch. With 54W of power at each of the 8 included lights you will light up the ground with a variety of user specific colors. Color changing rock lights are great for rock crawling as you can light up the ground red to see what you’re doing and not lose your night vision. Need more light? Flip to white for a bright rock light to see everything!

With a variety of colors at your fingertips, customization I just a click away.

When your rig is ready for party mode, hit the button for the music sync. Now your lights will flash to the music and take your mall crawling to the next level.

We know Off roaders love their meet and greats and having a color matched set of rock lights providing a custom experience will complete any rig.

From Jeeps to Tuners, Zeus Lighting Rgb Color Changing rock lights are the perfect choice.

Each Light is made from and flexible ABC plastic and the leds are sealed for maximum water protection with no fear of rusting or faded anodizing. If you chip plastic its still black!

Light are all plug and play with connectors making install a breeze!

Install is simple! Connect the red wire to power and the black wire to a ground. Hook up the included switch or go completely wireless, the choice is yours.

Not all vehicles are created equally so we offer a variety of extensions that can be combined for any vehicle from big to small!

Kit contain both wired and wireless wiring options.

Lights are controlled via the included Remote.

No Bluetooth option at this time!



Zeus Lighting Iris Rock Lights are designed to be used with a Plug an Play harness and additional Extensions as needed. We include 2 per kit. Some vehicle do require more as all vehicles are different and can be >purchased here< .

Additional Harness can be purchased in 5 Foot Lengths. Please note that harnesses are plug and play. Any modification to the lights and or splicing wires manually may affect the performance of the lights. Do not manually wire lights, doing so will void your warranty and potentially cause the lights to malfunction. Only use Zeus Lighting plug and play adapters.



. LED Power: 54W Per Light ( 8 Lights included in ths kit ) 

. Lumens: Total output Varies based on install

. Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC

. Waterproof rate: IP 68

. 18pcs*3w San’An 3030 LEDs            

. Color Temperature: User Selectable

. Material: Die Abs plastic

. Beam Pattern:  Flood